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Australian Made Olive Oil

The Sathya Olive Company is located on Sai Estate, 2 kms from the Indian Ocean and 160 kms south of Perth, in the south-west region of Western Australia. The name "Sathya" meaning "True" in Sanskrit symbolises the Clean and Green Environment of the 30 acres olive grove on Sai Estate.


The International and National award-winning Sathya Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a blend of six different olive varieties with Leccino, Frantoio, Mission, Coratina and Pendolino contributing to its fruity flavours and Koroneiki contributing to a more stable and longer shelf-life product. Olives are cold pressed immediately after harvest at a local oil processing facility to ensure optimal quality, flavour and freshness.


Our cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil has won the Gold medal and Best Commercial WA EVOO award at the 2019 West Australian Olive Oil Awards. It is an ideal

all-purpose oil, perfect for drizzling, dressings, dipping, baking and medium temperature cooking (below 200ºC). Extra Virgin Olive Oil has proven health benefits. It contains no cholesterol, no preservatives or additives, is high in antioxidants, is 100% natural and has a free fatty acid (FFA) level less than 0.8%.

We produce a range of distinctive products that include Nuja’s unique Infused Olive Oils and Pickled Olives. The first of its kind in Australia and worldwide. Nuja's Infusions are processed using 99.9% Sathya Extra Virgin Olive Oil and less than 0.1% of a flavoured oil.

We are proud winners of the Gold Medal in 2019 Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil competition and Silver Medal in 2019 Olive Japan competition for Nuja's Infusion Peppercorn.


At the 2021 Australian International Olive Awards, The Sathya Olive Company was awarded two silver and two bronze medals. At the 2019 Australian International Awards the company received Champion Class 6 - Trophy Winner for the Best Flavoured / Infused Oil of Show and Gold Medal for Nuja’s Infusion Garam Masala, Gold Medal for Nuja’s Infusion Peppercorn, Bronze Medal for Nuja’s Infusion Lemongrass & Ginger and Bronze Medal for Nuja’s Infusion Basil. 

At the 2021 West Australian Olive Awards we won four silver and one bronze medals. In 2019 the company received best commercial WA Oil of Show for their extra virgin olive oil. We also won the trophy for Champion of Flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oils, a trophy for Champion  for Flavoured Table Olives and Gold for our Lemongrass Infused Olive Oil  in addition to an impressive 5 Silver and 2 Bronze awards at the 2017 Australian International Olive Awards. 


Nuja's South Indian style Pickled Olives  won the BEST OLIVE OF SHOW 2017 at the Perth Royal Show along with the GOLD award followed by Nuja's Indo-Italian style olives taking out the Silver Award in 2017.


Nuja's Dukkah is a unique, healthy and delicious blend of roasted Mixed nuts such as Macademia Nuts, Almonds, Cashew Nuts, Peanuts, etc and it contains various kinds of Seeds, Spices and Herbs making it rich in Omega3.  


Our products exhibit a unique blend of Western and Eastern touches. The key secret of Nuja’s award-winning Infusions and Pickled Olives is a balance between the spices and aromas. Our goal is to produce products which cater for a myriad of different tastes and allow for a healthy yet tasty variety of dishes.


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