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Keith & Tanuja Sanders

Being lovers of nature and in search of better and more sustainable lifestyle to start our life together as a couple, we bought a 100 acres farm in 1999 and named it Sai Estate after our guru Sri Sathya Sai Baba.  We are both engineers by profession servicing power, water and mining industries worldwide and knew very little about farming olives until we planted our own olive grove.  It all started as a hobby when we decided to plant olive trees over 15 acres on the Sai Estate in 2005 and expanding to 30 acres by planting more trees in 2007.  It was quite a steep learning curve to understand the quirky qualities of growing olive trees on sandy coastal soils, which we learned after a few mistakes.  Keith’s passion for machinery and love for nature, having come from the Rocky Mountains of Idaho in USA, and Tanuja’s passion for cooking, having come from India, was a perfect match of hidden talents that led to the success story of the Sathya Olive Company.


Since 2013, the farm has become more than just a hobby and became commercial having won many awards at the Perth Royal Show.  Nuja’s Infused Olive Oils and other complementing products such as Nuja’s range of Pickled Olives and Nuja’s Dukkah were introduced for the first time in 2014.  The name “Nuja” comes from Keith’s nick name for Tanuja symbolising her passion for cooking and creating new and unique tastes using her knowledge of spices, flavours and aromas.    


Our dream is to create a sustainable product line that serves the mankind with gifts of nature and be true to its name "Sathya". The farm is ecologically friendly, being run completely by electricity generated during the day from a 22 kW solar electric system. We use natural fertilisers such as chicken manure to provide nourishment to the olive trees. Our fruits produce around 18-22% olive oil which is higher than the average olive oil production in this industry. As members of the Buy West, Eat Best campaign, we are ardent supporters of all things local, believing the closer you are to the source of your food the better it will taste and smaller the carbon footprint you will create. 


We provide home to at least 20 varieties of birds on our farm that live in harmony with kangaroos, dogs and alpacas providing an atmosphere of "Nature at its Best" on this beautiful olive grove. We believe that cooking good, healthy food is not only one of life’s greatest pleasures, but a skill that everyone should enjoy.

Australian Made Olive Oil, Sathya Olive Oil
Australian Made Olive Oil, Sathya Olive Oil
Australian Made Olive Oil, Sathya Olive Oil
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