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Segment: Sathya Olive Oil Episode: S3E6 Presenter: Peter Manifis Air Date: 15th December 2019

Just 30km north of Bunbury, there is a farm that produces some of the very best extra virgin olive oil and infused olive oil in the country with economical and sustainable practices.

  • Established in 2013, Sathya Olive Company is an award-winning company, known for its creative olive oil blends.

  • Keith and Tanuja Sanders started planting olive trees as a hobby in 2005. They started producing olives in 2009 and they became a commercial company in 2013.

  • Engineers by profession, they knew very little about growing olive trees until they embarked in this journey. At the beginning, they used to harvest in the classic way, using a big mechanical harvester on trees that were planted 5m apart, with the rows being planted 7m apart.

  • They soon began searching for a more sustainable option though as the harvester shook the trees too much, impacting the production. Their new system involves planting trees 1.2m apart in rows that are 3.5m apart. They are grown in hedge form and the harvester is able to lightly brush over the top. This new way of harvesting comes at 1/10th of the production cost, and it is far more sustainable and less harmful.

  • The goal here is to create a sustainable product line that serves the gifts of nature, and Keith and Tanuja’s dedication to this practice is admirable. The farm is ecologically friendly and run by electricity generated from a 22kw solar electric system.

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