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The Journey of Sathya Olive Co.


The inception of Sathya Olive Co in Western Australia marks a tale of resilience, community bonding, and unwavering passion. A month after purchasing our property in 1999, our dreams seemed to be enveloped in smoke and flame as a devastating bushfire ravaged our newly acquired land. However, this ordeal was a catalyst for forging unbreakable bonds and lifelong friendships with the incredible community in the southwest.

The solidarity and unwavering support we received during these trying times were the stepping stones to rebuilding our dreams. It was the warmth and the helping hands of our newfound friends that helped shape our new home and breathe life into our olive grove on this property. The relentless spirit of the community and our team transformed the ashes of despair into the fertile ground for dreams.

Over the years, Sathya Olive Co has flourished, embodying the resilience and the communal harmony that were its founding stones. Our signature olive oils, pickles, and dukkas have not just rejuvenated our spirit but have also garnered acclaim across the globe. Our journey has been adorned with numerous awards, symbolizing our commitment to quality and our enduring love for what we do. These accolades are not just ours but belong to every hand that helped us rebuild and every heart that believed in our vision.

Our journey is a testament to the power of community, resilience, and shared dreams. Every bottle of our award-winning olive oil is a tribute to the unyielding spirit of the southwest community and our enduring commitment to excellence. The essence of our journey— resilience, community love, and unrelenting pursuit of quality—are meticulously bottled in our products, making them a global emblem of our shared victory over adversity.

The bushfire of 1999 might have been a daunting beginning, but the journey henceforth has been enriching and rewarding. The bonds forged in those fiery trials have been our constant companions, guiding us through our journey and helping us cultivate not just olives but also love, friendship, and shared success.

Our journey, marked by challenges, communal support, and eventual triumph, is an ongoing one. As we continue to grow and evolve, the essence of our beginnings— the resilience, the community bonds, and the pursuit of excellence— remains integral to every drop of olive oil and every jar of pickles and dukkas we produce. We are eternally grateful for the enduring support and the shared dreams that have been the lifeblood of Sathya Olive Co, and we aspire to continue to be a symbol of resilience, community strength, and culinary excellence for years to come.


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